If you have an older asphalt driveway, over time you may experience some cracks and holes. The fix for this is surprisingly easier than you may have originally thought. You can repair most potholes with as little as 50 pounds of cold asphalt filler. Here’s how:

Asphalt Driveway Repair


1. Measure the size of the hole

A small pothole of less than two square feet can be filled with about 50 pounds of cold asphalt filler mix. 


2. Clean the hole

Make sure to clear any debris from the hole. If there is any dirt in the hole, make sure to dampen it with water, because tar will not stick to dry dirt.


3. Let the hole dry in the sun

The hole needs to completely dry before adding the asphalt mix. 


4. Fill in the hole with asphalt mix

Now it’s time to add the asphalt mix. Fill the hole with the asphalt filler to about one half an inch above the original paving.

5. Pack the asphalt mix down

Use a hand tamp to firmly pack the asphalt filler down into the hole. 


6. Cover the patch

Place a piece of plywood over the patch for a couple of days to make sure it hardens. 


7. Enjoy your nice smooth driveway!